Iker Casillas’ reactions throughout Real Madrid vs Malaga (in order)

  • Di Maria’s chance
  • Isco’s goal
  • Benzema’s chance
  • Ozil’s chance
  • Santa Cruz’s goal
  • Benzema’s second goal

Ánimo Tito!


we’ve only won like 10 games this season :)

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sometimes i feel bad downloading stuff illegally but then i remember i don’t care

And i really need to let this out. I think it’s about time that Madirdistas stop blaming Mou for all our bad results. Most of the blame should go on the players; because whatever the coach does is all based on theory, those who fuck it up later on on the pitch are the players. I think it’s about time the players start shouldering a huge part of the blame. It’s so easy to blame the coach, especially when it’s someone like Mou who give very little reason for people to like him. I mean benching Iker should not be such a huge issue, in a team like RM one would think that if you have made it that far that you should be able to live up to the resposibility when it is thrusted upon you! All of those who have been calling out for Mou to leave, can you honestly sit there and convince me that RM will be better off with him gone? Just give me the name of one coach that will be able to take his place!



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Real Madrid season 2012-23 highlights (so far):
• starting with a home draw against Valencia
• Tristeano
• Mou has no team
• Marcelo injured
• Fabio injured
• Benzema injured
• Higuain injured
• everybody injured
• dropping points like it’s Copa Del Rey hot
• 16 points behind Barca
• Real Madrid wants to leave Real Madrid